Buying A Suit Guide – Types of men`s suit pockets

Flap Pockets

Flap Pocket Suit

As their name suggests, flap pockets are pockets with an attached flap. The look is more  informal. It  is often  possible to  tuck the flap into  the  pocket  producing the appearance of a paspel pocket.

Paspel Pockets

Paspel Pocket Suit

Historically, elegant paspel pockets were found exclusively on festive suits like the tuxedo. Today, it is possible to find paspel pockets on less formal suits.

Billet Pockets

Billet Pocket Suit

The  billet  pocket  is  an  additional  narrow  flap  pocket  attached  above  the  right jacket pocket. Visually, it creates a narrower waist and generally a more youthful look.  Historically  the  name  derives  from  the  fact  that  this  pocket  was  originally intended for tickets and change.

Patch Pockets

Patch Pocket Suit

Informal  sport  coats  often  have  patch  pockets  consisting  of  a  single  piece  of fabric.  Due  to  their  informal  appearance,  their  use  is  confined  to  casual  sport coats.