Q: What is Mr. Noble?

A: Mr.Noble is your digital style guide for classic men’s attire and your one-stop destination to find inspirations for new outfits and interesting products on a daily basis. Mr. Noble comes loaded with a wide range of tools helping you with all the challenges a modern man faces every day.


Q: How can I sign up for Mr. Noble?

A: You can sign up for Mr. Noble simply using your Facebook or Twitter account. Alternatively, you can also create a Mr. Noble account with your email address.


Q: How does Mr. Noble work?


The wardrobe is your main menu and place for everything. Simply tapping the item you want to learn more about, you will be taken directly to chapter, toolbox or looks pin board.


Choose from a wide range of tools, how-to instructions and glossaries to tackle all the challenges a modern man faces every day.


Get daily inspirations for new mix and match outfits or interesting products. Our team of stylists will scout the internet to find sources of inspirations every day.

Bookmarking & Sharing:

You can bookmark, comment and share anything you like in Mr. Noble and share with your friends.


Q: What devices is Mr Noble available for?

A: Today, Mr. Noble is available for free for all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch) as well as Android devices as a single download from the App Store and Play Store.

Follow Mr. Noble

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Costs / Price and Invites

Q: Does Mr. Noble cost anything?

A: Mr. Noble is available as a free download for your iOS or Android device. This will give you free access to Chapter 1 “The Suit” and Chapter 2 “The Shirt”. You will also be able to use your “Toolbox” and “Topix” pin-board without limitations. To get full access to all 11 chapters of men’s classic attire, you can either buy single chapters or all chapters altogether. You can also unlock the entire app by inviting three of your friends to also download Mr. Noble. Once they have downloaded Mr. Noble, you will have access to all chapters.

In App Purchases

The free download of Mr. Noble will give you free access to the chapter “Suits” and “Shirts”. Moreover, will also have full access to your “Toolbox” and “Topix” pin-board. To get full access to all 11 chapters of men’s classic attire, you can either buy single chapters or all chapters altogether via in-app purchases.


Profile & Account

Q: How to change your personal information

A: Go to “Settings” in the side menu bar to access “Profile”. Here you can change your personal information.







Q: How to link your Mr. Noble account with Facebook and Twitter

You can link your Mr. Noble account with Facebook and/or your Twitter account simply by going to the “Settings” menu and selecting “Social Networks”. There you have the option to quickly connect Mr. Noble with your Facebook account and/or your Twitter account. This makes sharing.


Q: How to change the language?

The displayed language of Mr. Noble adjusts automatically your system settings. At the moment, Nr. Noble available in English and German.

Q: How to deactivate your Mr. Noble account

In order to deactivate your Mr. Noble account, please send an email to info@mrnoble.net.