The 6 most common ways to fold a Pocket Square

Presidential Fold

The easiest way to fold a pocket square is also the most classic, the so-called “Presidential Fold” or “Newsreader”. This rectangular shaped fold is particularly well suited for solid colored pocket squares such as the traditional white one worn with a classic business suit. It offers the wearer a calming, understated grace that is highly recommended for formal wear.

One Corner Up

This triangle fold is always dapper and well suited for festive occasions, like the theatre. It is universal and adequate for every dress code.

Two Corners Up

The “Two Corners Up” fold is also called “The Pyramids”. This technique is elaborate and somewhat trickier to do.

Three Corners Up

This variation, also called a “Crown Fold”, is done in similar fashion as the regular triangle fold and it is appropriate for colored or slightly patterned pocket squares. This style works well for informal events when worn with a sport coat or tweed suit without a tie.

Puff Fold

A simple, classic technique that is performed by placing the pocket square loosely and puffed up into the chest pocket of a sport coat. This folding method is well suited for paisley, polka dotted and wide striped patterns.

Winged Puff

The “Winged Puff” is an extravagant blend of the “Puff” and the “One Corner Up”. Its elegant look is appropriate for most occasions.