What Is The Difference Between Made To Measure And Bespoke?

Bespoke Suit

Ready Made Suits

Many  well-known  suit  manufacturers  offer  more  affordable,  high  quality,  ready-made  suits.  If  you  have  ready-made  suit  measurements,  high  quality  designer suits  are  readily  available  at  affordable  prices.  Minor  alterations,  such  as  the shortening  of  sleeves  or  pant  legs,  can  be   provided  by the  store’s  apparel alteration services.

Made to Measure

Made to measure is the customization of ready-made suits and thus represents a combination  of “bespoke  tailoring”  and  ready-made  suits.  The  tailor  can  choose from  a  large  selection  of  ready-made  jackets  and  pants  in  various  sizes  and  then adjusts the pieces to properly fit his customer.

Bespoke Tailoring

The  traditional  tailoring  of  Saville  Row  is  referred  to  as “bespoke  tailoring”. The customer  influences  every  single  aspect  of  the  construction of  his  handcrafted suit. Each suit produced is one of a kind.

Custom Tailoring

“Custom tailoring” is the term used for “bespoke tailoring” in the US and in Hong Kong.